LWE Minecraft Architecture

Utopia Server - Dubai City - Matrix Building - After the town hall, and an apartment block, I wanted to make a modern random company building. I called it the “Matrix Building”. In which I guess they research computer science. While building this small tower, I realized that I made a huge mistake… I made the floors 2 blocks high !! So inside it feels a bit small (impossible the jump)…

  • 16 blocks high building

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Utopia Server - Dubai City - Beauregard Residence - So this was my third building in Dubai, and its a simple & modern luxury apartment block. I inspired myself from a building I saw on holiday in Taiwan. There are 4 apartments, all pretty similar… 

  • 22 blocks high

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Utopia Server - Dubai City - Town Hall - So after the Dubai Train Station the first tower to be built was the Dubai Town Hall ! ;) For the moment it is still the 3rd tallest building in the city. I wanted to make a good looking & modern building. I think it looks nice, but it is far to small in width !! I realized that when I tried making the interior… 

  • 34 blocks high

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Utopia Server - Dubai City - Dubai Train Station - Hello, so now I’m gonna start posting photos of the next city on Utopia Server. This time, no more cute small houses, here its serious ! Dubai is actually 3 minutes away from Utopia Town (the previous main town) on the train, but it offers an interesting water arrangement :) I’ve built a few buildings here, but 2 friends of mine also made some ! For height our buildings are not incredible, but we do try to make them good looking, and spend time making the interior too !

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Utopia Server - Utopia Town - Some pictures taken from the sky… so this is where it all began on Utopia Server ! Some buildings  are mine, some are made by friends … :)

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Utopia Server - Spring Pagoda - This was my main monument on the server… until it burnt >< 

Utopia Server - Aquarium - Secret Garden - A friend of mine asked me if we could do an underwater neighborhood. I thought it was a cool idea. So he made the glass box, and 3 of us got a piece of land inside ! I decided to make a little hidden garden. Hope you will like it :)

Utopia Server - Spring Pagoda - This is was my Spring Pagoda… I made it with MathiasKippen’s tutorial video on YouTube. But the interior & stairs outside are my design.  Its the most complicated building I’ve made, it took me about 4 hours… so you can probably imagine how I felt when I found it totally burnt… :/ How did that happen ? Because when I made the interior I installed a nice big fire place on ground-floor… NEVER AGAIN ! x) 

Utopia Server - Grain of Sand Neighborhood - A friend of mine had the idea to make a neighborhood on water. So we did ! I made the 2 dark houses & I organised a bit the beach ;) 

Utopia Server - Town Hall - The first building I made when my server opened !  Simple classic design, it actually looks more like a house… so not very realistic again ! But its okay, there’s a big room downstairs with benches, and my big desk upstairs !